An error analytics for fixing critical bugs

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Drastically reduce bug lifetime with automated discovery and replay

Debug-friendly {}

Kuoll makes in painless to fix bugs in web application. Kuoll error reports contain:

  • browser events
  • DOM mutations
  • XmlHttpRequests content
  • (async) script execution


Kuoll calculates how how each error affects your users converion rates. Kuoll, being connected to you analytics data, prioritizes and triages errors based on your business performance indicator.


When a new version your software reaches production, Kuoll is here to detect new bugs and errors. Kuoll alerts Slack dev team channel about new business-critical errors.

Kuoll crushes costs of bug fixing at all stages

Identify Prioritize Debug Fix
The old way
Unhappy customers report a bug A manager tries to understand the impact of the issues and prioritize themDeveloper recreates environment and tries to reproduce the problemDeveloper fixes the issue
The Kuoll way
Kuoll script detects and reports errors Kuoll script captures high-fidelity bug reportKuoll replays captured report in debug modeDeveloper navigates recorded script execution
Kuoll Value Proposition
Automated! 100% Automated! 100% Recreate environment: 100% automated. Debugging: script execution provided. Authenic. Fast. Replayable. No need to reproduce. Reduces fixing time by 60%
Bugsnag, Sentry, TrackJS, Bugsee, Airbrake, None, yetNone, yet
No company, other that Kuoll, provides solution which gets bug from where it is happening and delivers it to developer in an authentic, debuggable and managable way.

Privacy and sensitive data

Kuoll highly respects customer and end user privacy. We do not sell and do not transfer our customer or end user data to third parties.

To exclude private user data from the record, please list the private XHR URLs in the ignoreUrls parameter of the Kuoll API startRecord function.

See Kuoll acceptable use and privacy policy for more details.

The ultimate solution to the privacy question is on-premise deployment. You can host Kuoll on your own servers in your secured environment. To get a quote, please contact Kuoll on-premise sales.